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Thread: UK/Brazilian citizen in Spain - Citizenship after 2 years possible?

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    Question UK/Brazilian citizen in Spain - Citizenship after 2 years possible?

    I'm a dual citizen of Brazil and the UK and live in Spain with a 5-year TIE, which I applied for pre-Brexit via my UK passport (as if I'd sought residency here via my Brazilian passport, I would've needed a job offer etc etc)

    My question is, would I be able to apply for a Spanish citizenship after 2 years as is the case with Iberoamerican citizens due to the fact that I am a Brazilian citizen? Or would the fact that my TIE was applied for with my UK passport?

    I know this is quite a specific situation but if anyone has any information or experience I'd appreciate it hugely! Thanks!

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    Hello Cmodena,

    You will be able to apply for the Spanish nationality based on your Latin American nationality providing that is your nationality by origins: that is, that you are originally from Brazil. The fact that you are using your British passport in order to access a residency status in Spain more easily won´t affect your right to apply for the Spanish nationality, as long as you are holder of a Latin American passport by origins.

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