JLC Legal Services are quoted by Litigation Services as lawyers providing support. JLC Legal Services, University of Granada Spain. Registered number:? Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Malaga 6956 Languages: Spanish, English Contact Details: Litigation Services S.L. C/ Coronel Ripollet Eddif. Santos Rein 3A29640, Fuengirola Malaga Spain - email: Litigation Services is a company already written about in 2014, but they are one of the few that continue their cold calls and their empty promises. This company is registered as being active in the sector of “Construccion y Desarollo” which means Construction and Development. That seems extremely strange for a legal company. Coincidentally, they seem to concentrate their cold calls on consumers who had dealings in the past with companies such as KPTA – Key Property Town Advisory and Ramirez and Ramirez, who offered them a similar claim as well. They also cold call consumers who fell for a real estate fraud such as the duped owners who bought through Instant Access Properties, Inside Track and MRI MacAnthony Real Estate in Marbella. Nobody, though, has any knowledge of any claims against the above mentioned companies!
Consumers are informed they can join the claim on a no win no fee basis, but they do need to pay for translation services and a so-called “legal report”. These costs are between 400 and 1750 euros.
They use a third party company called Klik & Pay for these payments, which is a credit card payment but as the money goes through the third party, the payment is no longer protected in the same way as with a direct payment. So when consumers realize after many months that there were no translations, no claims, nothing, and find it impossible to get their money back.
Why then are these people still freely duping innocent folk instead of being locked up in jail. The question is how to mobilise the relevant authority into action against the fraudsters that are well known and listed. Refer to mindtimeshare web site listing 2021/07/ active companies June 2021. If it is impractical for private individuals to directly take court action against these fraudsters, perhaps a genuine advertising campaign, with legitimate and possibly state support, could gather enough victims together to make a financially viable case against as many of the fraudsters on the list as possible.