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Thread: Having permanent comunitario eu can work in whole eu

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    Exclamation Having permanent comunitario eu can work in whole eu

    Hi Patricia

    i m indian having permanent comnitario eu card, wife is divorsed after 8 years, want to work in swedon or Ireland now, is it possible. pls give me any solution.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hello Shamsher,

    Since your current card is a permanent one, you just have to renew it automatically every 10 years at the police station, so thereĀ“s no need to modify it after a divorce.

    If you want to move to another EU country, you need to check their particular immigration regulations and find out what's the procedure for long term residents in another EU country.

    Probably, the quickest route is to apply for the card called Tarjeta de Residencia de larga Duracion - EU in Spain, that allows you apply for a residence card in other EU countries easily. You can read about the requirements here.
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