so i read that Filipinos only needs to stay for 2 years in spain to get the citizenship. Is it true?

Im working right now in UAE and my family is in Philippines. would it be possible for the following;

1. retain my job here in the UAE and stay in spain to work remotely so i can accumulate the days to get my citizenship?
2. can i do the citizenship for myself first and once i got it, i will take my family?
3. is non-lucrative the only non expensive option that can do the above? investment is a no go since i dont have 500k euros
4. If i will apply for non lucrative for me and my family, will i be able to send my children to spanish public school or it has to be private until we get our citizenship?
5. i understand that i cannot work when im on non lucrative. but will i be able to work after i get the citizenship?
6. if i can work remotely, do i have any tax obligations to the spanish government?
7. is the 2 years really mean 365 days per year or its less? can i leave the country for a vacation somewhere but wont affect my count for my citizenship?