I am an Iraqi asylum seeker who was relocated to Spain from Greece.
I had my claim rejected in Sep 2018 and am in the appeals process. I have no passport and cannot get one in Spain because my embassy doesn't issue them. I am married to an Italian citizen for over 1 year, who is now resident in the UK.
I have been in Spain for 2.5 years now, and just got a letter saying that I have to renew my empadronamiento with a valid ID. I don't have one, as I am in the appeals process - I tried to get a cedula de inscripcion but was rejected. I can't renew my empadronamiento.

My questions are:
- will it help if my wife moves to Spain and I apply on the basis of her residence?
- what can I use to prove my residence? Since my ID card expired at the end of 2018, they closed my bank account, and I can't apply for a health card. I do have a housing contract in my name and I pay rent every month. I have an active sim card in my name (not contract). I don't have the right to work, so I work online and it gets paid into my wife's bank account and card, which I use.

Please help, any advice is so appreciated.