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Thread: Citizenship enquiry

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    Question Citizenship enquiry

    Hi. I was born in Spain to a Moroccan mother in 1989. In the a city called Algeciras. When I was born I had a major deformation in my hands and legs. My mother was worried so in the same day she took me down to the capital of Morocco where I could be treated to Arabic speaking doctors and where my father was located. For some reason she got me a moroccan birth certificate to for logistical purposes to be treated in Morocco. I do have a document from Algeciras hospital that I was born there. Can i do something about this? I wish to go to Spain and get a citizenship. What do i need to do?

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    Hello NHR,

    Note that if you are able to get a Spanish birth certificate, you will be eligible for the Spanish nationality after one year of legal residency.If you have the records from the Spanish hospital, you can approach the Civil Registry of Algeciras and apply for a delayed birth registration. It is imperative that you have the relevant records from the hospital where you were born.

    Patricia Martin
    Immigration Consultant at Lawbird
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