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Thread: Building Land

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    Hi There,

    I need a hand with the laws regarding land in Spain. So, we are currently looking for some land around the Alicante/Valencia regions, near the coast, to build a house out of shipping containers. I have a perfect piece of land but I'm not too sure if I can build on it as it is Rustic, although from what I have been reading online, I have read that shipping containers are classed as temporary structures and therefore don't need planning permission. I would greatly appreciate if someone could help in advising me the current law on placing container homes on land in general and also rustic land and/or if that rustic land can be converted to urban land.

    Any questions, feel free to ask.



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    Hello Louie

    There´s not an exact reply to that question, because each Town Hall has their own building regulations. We recommend you to hire a local lawyer in the area that can give you specific advise, so you are sure that the steps you are taking are correct.

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