I need to renew my non-lucrative residency. This will be my second renewal.

I tried to print a new copy of the padron (volante de residencia), but I was surprised to see the following message: “No nos constan datos de padrňn en Barcelona”. It appears that I was removed from the padron municipal. Could that be the case?

I have a few questions related to the residency renewal and padron.

1. If I apply for the renewal, will I be denied for not having an active padron? I have only been outside of Spain and Europe for a total of 9 days this year. My passport and stamps clearly indicate that I was only outside of the EU for 9 days.

2. If I do need a padron, is it possible for me to get back on the padron if I am outside of Spain? Or must I be physically present in person? I am resident in Spain, but I am currently away on a trip. I want to get registered ASAP so that I can already apply for the renewal.

Thank you.