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Thread: Community Rules

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    Default Community Rules

    I have recently bought into a development in Spain and there is one community swimming pool, which I can use as part of my community charge. They have a rule that under 15 years children are not allowed to use the pool between 3pm and 5pm in July and August. Even if the children are being really quiet and not disrupting they have to leave the pool area.

    I must admit I did know about this rule but I felt that this might be relaxed if my children behaved and a common sense approach would be used and that children might be able to stay in the pool, but the life guard sticks to this. Also July and August is the holiday season which makes it worse as obviously there are a lot more children around.

    I feel they are discriminating against children. Are they allowed to do this in this day and age? Do I have the right to challenge this ruling as I pay towards the pool in my community fees.

    Thanks for any advise.

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    The norm sounds quite discriminatory. Honestly, if you decide to take your children to the swimming pool, it is quite unlikely that any officer will come to ask them to leave.

    I recommend you to suggest the removal of such a norm from the community rules in the next General Meeting. Though they are not in the obligation to change it.

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