I have done months of endless research and my head is constantly spinning! I thought I had a fair understanding of what was required and was checking to see if the house had either -

a First occupation licence - Licencia de primera ocupacion or Certificate of Habitation - Cedula de habitabilidad...


a DAFO/AFO/SAFO - Asimilado al Fuera de Ordination

One of the other I believe is required for the house to either be legal or accepted......and required for a mortgage.

We've found a house that we like. The private owner has sent me a copy of the escritura of the house and an architect's report called a 'Certificado de vivienda unifamiliar'. The house has mains electric, they pay IBI and have access to community water...

The owner (as they would) is telling me this is enough - is it?

We will be hiring a conveyancer etc all in due course but if anyone could help with any insight just now that would be extremely helpful!