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Hello Humbug

I wouldn't put too much hope in the letter you wrote to the former Spanish Minister of Justice. On the other hand, if your tenant happens to be a provincial leader of a political party, as you state, then perhaps you shouldn't wait until the court case is over to tell the Spanish press about it. Newspapers are eager to publish stories that involve politicians, especially those that don't share their ideology. If Spanish justice isn't working for you, other less orthodox means might.
Yes, I've had no response from Dolores Garcia and finding the email address of the new Minister of Justice is proving problematic.

The tenant is/was the provincial president for 'Ciudadanos de Centro Democrático' now called the 'Coalición de Centro Democrático' . One of their senior members who tried to become mayor is the owner of the company that is mentioned on the invoices (that the tenant produced as 'evidence' in his appeal). The invoice is for over 10k euros that he said he spent getting rid of mould from the department in the month he moved in . Lol! How can the courts even believe a new tenant would spend 10k of his own money in the same month he moves in!!!! And the tenant never mentioning any of this to us in the next 2 years in which he paid the rent on time. The courts never even questioned the authenticity of the invoices that were produced in court or the fact that they could be fraudulent.

Its like the Spanish courts giving permission for the tenants to fabricate evidence without redress . Just go ahead guys and girls , make up your own evidence to drag out the court case , we will pay all your court bills if you are due free legal aid while we squeeze the landlords with massive legal court costs to fill our depleted coffers.

Its unbelievable!!!