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Thread: Shameful Tenant Tactics To Avoid Eviction

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    The petition about COV19 vulnerability was rejected

    The SCNE suddenly told our lawyer on XXXXX that the eviction would take place on the XXX at around 09:00 . This meant that the tenant wouldn't have time to raise a petition against the eviction and delay things .

    This took our own lawyer by surprise because he had to attend a trial on Tuesday and therefore couldn't accompany the court officials and procurador to carry out the eviction.

    Tuesday arrives and we are informed on Wednesday that the eviction had been suspended . Apparently the court officials had problems finding our flat using the directions that was given to them by my brother who had visited the flat 4 years ago.

    We had provided the correct outside views of our flat with arrows pointing to the exact location (ie. to the balcony of our flat) but we had provided the incorrect street door number to access the block and stairwells . Therefore the officials decided that they weren't 100% sure so suspended the eviction.

    This is becoming very fishy indeed:

    Yes , my brother provided the wrong street door access because when he visited 4 years ago he took pictures of 2 street door access routes into the block but then deleted the 'correct' one in error from his phone camera.

    When you look at where our flat is on the 2nd floor, there are street access doors just under and adjacent to our flat at ground level (it is plainly obvious), not around the corner of the building 40 yards away to another section of the block (ie. the incorrect street door photo that was on my brothers phone camera). The court officials knew this was the wrong entrance because they sent us a photo of the correct street door querying (as if they didn't know) whether this was the correct entrance point.

    Why didn't they just go through the correct street door go up 2 flights of stairs and look at our flat number on the door? They knew its our flat because we gave them the outside photo with an arrow pointing directly to the balcony of our flat on the 2nd floor.

    The real reason they suspended the eviction was :
    1. They are biased towards the Spanish tenant
    2. They will use any excuse to suspend eviction (even the slightest ).

    I suspect if the street doors were locked , they would suspend the eviction
    If there was a crack in the glass door they would suspend eviction due to health and safety rules
    If there was some water on the stairwells , they would suspend eviction
    If the tenant had removed the door number , they would suspend eviction
    If there were some of the tenants friends blocking their entrance they would suspend the eviction
    If someone else other than the tenant opens the door , they would suspend the eviction (ie. tenant subletting flat illegally)
    etc etc etc

    Why would a tenant risk staying in his apartment if he knew he couldn't stop the eviction in a few days time ? Why risk being given 'x' minutes to leave the flat on Tuesday when he has thousands of pounds worth of belongings (TV, beds, furniture, Fridge, Washing Machine, Heaters , etc etc) that he could lose ownership for? It seems logical to me that he would have no choice but to hire a removal company and transfer all his goods to another address before the eviction date.

    Now if he's still there with all his belonging , then someone must have forewarned him that the eviction would be suspended before Tuesday morning. Now who could that be ? Hmmmmmm..........

    We'll soon know and if he's there I will be asking questions and expecting some answers.

    Anyhow , our lawyer has requested another SCNE eviction date (we'll be charged another 200 euros for that pleasure) and that will take us past Xmas into the new year.
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    We had a new eviction date yesterday and guess what ? It was suspended again .

    Our tenant is subletting the flat illegally but because the lady living there has a child , they couldn't evict her , even if she didn't have a 'Lease Title' as proof .

    So it goes on and on and on.....................
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