On last Sunday night i got robbed €600 in Zaragoza. While i try to protect my wallet, in the tussle the robber punched on my mouth and injured front teeth.
The police arrived to spot within 5 minutes, took all the details. Looking at injured and mouth full of blood police called the amblance and got treated in the hospital.

Going back to the details, i withdrawn this money from my bank ATM , its just 40 meters I walked away from ATM the robber approached me from behind and put his hand over my neck, pressing me heavily the thraot, try to take money from jacket. In the tussle, he pushed me on to the ground and punched on my face. Stolen the money ran away.
The next day I went to police and reported it ( Comisor - denounciar). They took all the details. They said their investigating team will look into the case and will contact me to check some photos of the suspect.

One of my front tooth is still paining me, i have been taking iboprofine and next days I will go to dentist, hopefully dentist won´t tell bad news.

I am a freelancer ( autonomo), and my income is always on the edge. Can I claim/deduct this €600 from the tax office, for the quaterly tax declaration?. What are my rights, what sort help i should expect to get?

Your suggestions/help highly appreciated!!! PLEASE reply!!!
Thanks all,