Hi to everyone,
I just found this site and hope you may be able to offer advice / experience about finding the right conveyancing lawyer in due course.
We haven't made any offers yet but we're looking at a rural property already converted from an existing olive oil or mill type group of properties in a hamlet near the costa tropical. We've already visited the site and we like the location but are concerned about the legal boundaries and proof of ownership paperwork, previous alterations etc. The last thing we need is to jump into a money pit or start spending with little or no result.
After trawling the web looking at forums like this one, we're convinced we need to appoint a property lawyer but don't want to run up a bill before we actually put in an offer.
And so to my hopeful question; is it possible to find a competent person to research the property and find out as much as possible about it before actually entering into a legal situation with a lawyer that we cant get out of without paying a small fortune with no end result? The agent was very helpful but we feel an independent view is necessary, as after all the agent is really working on behalf of the seller.
It's a big ask but wondered if it was worth a shot to try to obtain free local / municipal type info without entering into a drawn out "how long is a piece of string scenario" with a lawyers office.
No disrespect intended to lawyers, their offices or to anyone else, of course we all charge for our services, but thought that an initial ground work check by a competent person with first hand experience might prove fruitful prior to entering into a fully committed contract involving an actual offer on any property? If I'm being na´ve then please forgive my thrifty nature.

Best wishes to all,