Hello Patricia

Advance thanks as u always gave a proper guide line for foreigners. Hope this time your guideline will be solve the problem inshallah.

I m in a very big problem. I gave fingers prints for 2nd permanet resident card when went there to receive the card they said your residency is cancelled.
And i checked my whole previous residencies all are NO FAVORABLE at this time.
I requested them tell me what is the problem. They told your 1st permanent card has any false document. I think, it can because my boss got nationality and went england.
later the whole employees came to know he was defaulter of differnet departments in spain. when he went later in my vida laboral, basic cotazcion (i worked in this company about 6 month) was deleated also. But i was working in other empressa i did not care it because at this time i hve vida laboral of above than 9 years.

In the start of 2018 i submitted my nationality also. This year my childerns also got 1st larga duracion.
My question is

1. what will they do for residency with me and what shuld i do to get my same status???
2. will they cancel my children residency also they have spent more than 4 years in spain thier age one is 18+ 2nd is 17+???

Please guide me as soon as possible.

Thanks and awaiting.