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Thread: Naturalization by Option

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    Default Naturalization by Option

    I have a question regarding naturalization "por opcion". I have a "residencia no lucrativa" and I am a Brazilian citizen. I would like to naturalize "por residencia" after two years of residency in Spain. Once I naturalize, can my child automatically become a Spanish citizen? I know "por opcion" is possible if you have Spanish parents. However, in this case, at the time of the child's birth, I was not Spanish. I only would have become Spanish AFTER the child's birth. Can the child still get nationality "por opcion"? The child was born in Spain and had a NIE, but the NIE expired and the child no longer has a NIE.

    Thank you.

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    Hello Saado,

    You can apply for your childīs nationality application by Option based on the fact that you are eligible fpr the Spanish Nationality. I understand he is under aged. You should file his application together with yours when the time comes.

    Note, that you are also able to apply for his Spanish Nationality after he has been a legal resident during one year, as he was born in Spain.

    I recommend you to solve his residence status issue, applying for his residence card as child born in Spain to Spanish residents ( menor nacido en Espaņa de padres residentes ).

    Please contact us by email if you need to discuss your particular case in detail.

    Patricia Martin
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