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Thread: Matters following a Death

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    Default Matters following a Death

    My mother passed away recently leaving my dad and us to try and sort matters out. They own an apartment in Spain near Malaga that has been for a little while.
    Not sure where to start with who we need to notify, how do we do it? I believe taxes are to be paid in September?
    Any help appreciated.

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    Hello Liamphillips65,

    First of all, please accept my condolences for your loss.

    The jointly owned property in Spain must now be dissolved via an inheritance process, whereby your father will be now the sole owner. If your mother had a will it can be applied based on her national Law.

    I recommend you to seek legal advice from a Gestoria or Law firm, that can deal with the process, check the documents ( death certificate, last will, property deeds and local tax bill ) and confirm costs and applicable taxes for the transaction.

    Please feel free to drop us an email if you need further information.

    Patricia Martin
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