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Thread: Trading laws query in Spain!

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    Default Trading laws query in Spain!

    I am wondering if anyone is able to offer any advice regarding the current laws surrounding street trading?

    I would be particularly interested to know more about the laws and restrictions related to selling food.

    Many thanks in advance!!

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    Hello Radders,

    Welcome to our forum.

    The regulations related to street selling vary from one province to another, though there are common requirements such as:

    - Requirement to be in possession of a valid work & residence permit if you are a foreigner
    - Register with the Social Security Institute as self employer worker
    - Sign up for at the tax office related to the specific activity – products you will be selling
    - If it is food that you will be selling, you will need to have passed the tests in order to obtain the food handling license
    - Obtain your street vendor license and register at the street vendorīs registry at the town hall of the corresponding city/town/village

    There are various ordinances issued by each town hall where they specify in which areas you are allowed to sell, as well as other specific requirements.

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