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Thread: Barr Oscar lopez , Dixon Neto , Nostra credit union Bank Integrated Solicitors

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    Angry Barr Oscar lopez , Dixon Neto , Nostra credit union Bank Integrated Solicitors


    Hi there..
    I am also a victim of 4 1 9 NIGERIAN LETTERS fraud.
    Mr Barr Oscar lopez as 'attorney' and Mr Dixon Neto as 'Nostra Credit Union Bank ' employ, 'stolen' from me about 30.000 euro....

    The story is the same , but unfortunately i was not read this site before i paid.
    One letter was arrived from lawyer Barr Oscar Lopez esq said that my mother in low is the next of kin to late Mrs Maria and him is her attorney.
    He told me that is deposed to Nostra bank the amount of 7.500.000 euros and if we dont put a claim to the Nostra Bank (as next of kin) the money shall goes to Bank tresury.
    So, after these guy make me fill so sure about all think with calls day by day and with the kindest speaking and after provide to me many receipts of paid from him (Oscar ,fake of coarse), i paid from the October 2010 to Jan 2011 for certificates, applications , taxes ,fees , antilaundry money certificate and mach more the total of 30,000,00 euros and more.

    Please kept in mind that from fake Nostra Credit Union gived to me a PIN and PASSWORD for e-banking so am i able to see the money at this FAKE but very well build SITE (NOSTCU.COM) until the founds transferred to my account in Greece .
    Even when i Googled the Bank Name it returns to me at the top 5 results the FAKE BANK.

    SOME DIRECTIONS, TO AVOID WHAT HAPPENS TO ME if you have received a letter or email like this i described.
    1.Check the suspicious site with WHOIS.COM site so you are able to see WHEN AND WHERE the site was build.At my case the Bank Site was build 1 year ago and the lawyer Office site at 9 months ago!!!
    2.Check the provided phones if it is free-cellphones
    none Sirius company uses only cellphone for costumers contacting.Check with whitepages sites.
    3.Check Lawyer's or Attorneys if they are in true what they said and not Nigerian scammers.You are able to check thru local law cindicate or ASK THEM TO TELL YOU THEM LAW PRACTICE REFERENCE NUMBER if refused then you will know that they could are scammers.
    4.IF they demands to transfer to them any amount of
    money ,please don't do it your self.ASK FOR YOUR LAWYER TO CHECK AND ASSIST YOU.

    I sincerely hope to help any one of you.
    I am sorry but my English is not very good ,so i am ask your sympathy for this.

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    Default Dixon Neto

    Anyone who get a letter or email from Daniel Cano senor Attorney web site is created on 29 march 2010 just be careful he also work with neto it is all scam

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    Lol lol lol

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    Default hello

    I too have been a fraud from the Bank of nostra credit union

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