Rural property pizzara campo

Registered as a vivienda on the cadastral has the nota simple. No LFO architect came to check the property a d the building is slightly less then the nota simple. The building was built in 1970.

No water and possible pozo negro has had electricity connected with smart metre.

Estate agent tells us I'll health is the reason no renovation has happened since 2003....

I had a architect check the building he is local from competa so I thought he may have dealings with local townhall I quoted me €900 ??for a certificate de antiguada to then submit to the town hall to apply for the 1st occupation license .

Meanwhile my lawyer who is from granada area but claims to specialise in rural properties.

Claims that an AFO would be required which costs € 6000 however he did state that a SLFO situation legal fuera de ordenación could also be considered.

We have an offer accepted and the contract has been changed to ensure we pull out the sellers apply for a certificate from the Town Hall confirming that the property has no demolition orders or legal challenges.

Which of the 2 professionals has the best approach

Also having read your article say the property works out OK no problem with demolition orders or charges from townhall.

We submit a certificate de antiguada from the architect we then don't hear anything for over 3 months ... would the Administrative Silence Rule and is a special administrative procedure which enables licences to be obtained after a certain period of time. Kick in?

Hopefully you can advise as I seem to be stuck my lawyer isn't the most responsive my cousin she is from malaga has tried to contact the townhall to see if any issues have occurred with planning but not much luck.

I feel I am getting robbed or overcharged by the techinco and the lawyer despite being a spanish nationality of malaga province nationality born in England.

Any help would be appreciated