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Thread: Does "student permit and NIE number" means resident of Spain?

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    Question Does "student permit and NIE number" means resident of Spain?

    As a Chinese studying in Spain, I'm having doubts about weather I can directly apply for visa of United States in Spain.

    I checked on the website of the embassy of US in Spain. It says that "If you are a resident of Spain, regardless of your nationality, you can apply for your visa in Spain. "

    I don't quite understand the definition of "resident". Does it mean I am a resident of Spain if I have student permit and NIE ID number, so that I can directly apply for the US visa in Spain?

    Looking forward to your kind concern.

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    Hello Tian,

    Welcome to the forum.

    First of all you need to know that the NIE is not a permit nor a visa. The NIE is the ID number that has been assigmed to you in order to identify you before the police authorities as a foreigner in Spain.

    Foreign students are normally granted a visa that allows them to stay in Spain during the time of the course. That means, that, initially, you are not considered as being under the concept of Residencia, but estancia. If the course is intended for more than 90 days, you must apply for the tarjeta de estudiante, which allows you to reside in Spain during that period, considering you as a resident. If that is your case, the US embassy should allow you to apply for a visa.

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