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Thread: Timeshare resellers: Be careful!

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    Default Timeshare resellers: Be careful!

    I had paid $450 to Timeshare Global Services back in 2004- by credit card-- to sell and/or rent my timeshare in Las Vegas. They stated that this fee was a "lifetime satisfaction"-- but I cannot contact them - due to phone and email address not valid anymore? Any suggestions on how to find them?

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    Default Timeshare resellers: Be careful!

    l have has a firm from spain phone me up to buy on behalf of another perso.the comapny is cold blue chip.ney/sl based in spain are these people real or crooks?

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    sjam: I would stay well away from this 'company':

    Jenn: I recommend that you contact the FBI if you are in the US or The Metropolitan Police if you are in the UK.

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    trina ireland

    Default Timeshare resellers: Be careful!

    anyone come across Stephen Joyce at Sunshine Estates in Madrid.. just rang offering to sell on my timeshare for a tidy sum...just have to lodge €2k to an assigned trustee account as a contract deposit...which will be given back to me at completion of the transaction???? scam I think but dont see their name mentioned in this or any other thread

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