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Thread: Landlord taking too much on the deposit

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    Default Landlord taking too much on the deposit


    I left Barcelona a couple of months ago. My landlord visited my flat and we agreed on the elements I will have to pay because we did damages.

    Now he sent me a summary of the costs related to the reparation and very surprinsgly he added some news stuff. They have never been mentioned during his last visit. Because the amount is quite significant I don't know what to do. I agree to pay for the damages that we actually did to the flat. I don't agree to pay for what he now pretends we did to the flat.

    What should be my next actions? Hire a lawyer ?


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    It may not be worth your while to get a lawyer if the sum is small but if it is not and also this landlord is just being cheeky then you should get a lawyer involved at the earliest convenience.

    It is mostly an issue of proving the damages caused and after leaving that is going to be rather difficult. However, if he wants to retain the deposit he needs to prove when those took place, as they could have happened after you left (which is the case, as per what you tell me).
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    I was told about a standard tenancy template which is available through Spains government website & tobacconists. Can anyone point me in the right direction??

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    Hello Kali000,

    You can buy standard rental contracts at the Tobacconists. Also, you can download it from the Arrenta website here.

    Arrenta is the Association for the Promotion of rentals and access to Housing and they recommend to include in their rental contracts´ templates a specific clause for the resolution of the contracts to be ruled by arbitrage instead or court proceedings that can take longer. They offer both options in the template available in their website.

    I recommend you, if not familiar with Spanish Law and legal terminology ( specially in the Spanish language if you can´t speak Spanish ) , to get legal aid from an expert solicitor.

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