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Thread: catering licence

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    Default catering licence

    I want to start a small catering business in spain, selling and delivering freshly made meals.
    Do I need a special license or premises? Can I use a domestic kitchen?

    Thank you


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    Default same question

    i have a same question... will follow ur thread for reply....

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    Hello Emma and Vinny,

    Setting up a Catering company requires having the right premises, professionals and Health department licences.

    Apart from the Tax registration of the Economic activity, registering as a company ( if you decide to be a legal entity ) or self-employed worker at the Social Security Office, these are the required licences:

    1. Health Department Authorization. Real Decreto 191/2011, de 18 de febrero, sobre Registro General Sanitario de Empresas Alimentarias y Alimentos.

    2. Registration at the Registry of Food Industry of the corresponding region where you settle the business; for instance, if it is Malaga, then the Junta de Andalucia, ConsejerĂ*a de Igualdad, Salud y PolĂ*ticas Sociales .

    3. Local Licences; Opening Licence meeting all the requirements each Town Hall has provided.

    4. Certification that includes Food Handler Certificates of all the employees.

    5. If you will be delivering your food, the vehicle must be in good order, with the correct and valid Log Book in place.

    6. Some Regions may have additional requirements such as registration of the activity at Tourism companies Registries,
    etc. I recommend you to make a consultation in the particular region.

    I hope this information has been helpful.

    Patricia Martin
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    I'm planning on opening a catering business next year as well. Thanks for the useful info Patricia. Looking at the requirements, it seems it'll take some time before I can finally open up.


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