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Thread: Filipino Wanting Spanish Citizenship

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    Hello Mark,

    Once you obtain your Spanish nationality by residency, you can file your children´s Spanish nationality application, via the By Option route. If your children are in Spain with you, you can file their application in Spain. Otherwise, the application would be filed at the Spanish embassy or consulate.
    Patricia Martin
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    Thank you very much Patricia.

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    Talking 2 Year Residence Requirement from Student Visa


    I have read somewhere that 50% of the time you were with the Student Visa in Spain will be counted for the purpose of obtaining the residency. Is this true?

    Also, can the Job Seeker Visa be counted for the 2-year residency requirement?

    Say, I’ll study a 2-year Master’s program then a 1-year Job Seeker Visa. Would this be counted for the 2-year residency requirement?

    Thank you!

    Kind regards,


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