View Full Version : Extortionate Community Fees

06-04-2009, 01:09 PM
Just reading through previous posts on this forum about high community fees - mine are HIGH !!
We live on a community with 3 chalets (1 of them being mine) and 45 1 & 2 bed apartments. I moved to this urbanisation in January 2005 and commited to a communal fee of 254 per month. This fee included all our electricity, water, upkeep of the communial swimming pool which is only open 2 moths of the year and the upkeep of the communial gardens ( in total of approx 1,000 sq mts).
After living here for 4 months we had our AGM and it was agreed ( myself not included) that the residents would contribute a double payment each month (so for me 508 per month) for 12 months. These extra monies would pay for the roads within the urbanisation to be re tarmac & the street lights to be upgraded as they did not comply with the European Laws.
Bearing in mind the apartments pay between 40-60 comm fees each per month, the 3 chalets cop a higher fee obviously as the stand on more ground (500sq mts).
In September 2006 the extra fees ceased but the normal fees increased, ours went to 304 per month and September of last year guess what another increase of 40 per cent bring our fees now to 420 per month! We had no notification of the last increase and as I was not in the country for the last AGM I was unable to attend.
We have no luxurious golf courses to maintain here only alot of residents who have not paid for years.
Myself and a few of my neighbours have been battling against these extorinate fees for some time, but to no avail. I have had my property on the market for 2 years but I feel totaly trapped as not only is the property market at a stand still but when we have had potential buyers viewing the property, as soon as the community fee are mentioned they run a mile!!
If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated.