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Paul J
10-10-2012, 11:40 PM
Hi, hoping someone here can help with a question.
We recently signed a rental agreement on a New Build House, the tennancy takes effect on the 1st of next month. We gave our bank details to the Landlord agent as part of the process.
Today we saw on our bank statement that Iberdrola had taken 110€ from the account.
We questioned this with the agent and asked if it could have a link with the new house. He came back sometime later , rather surprised, and said that the Developer had passed on our account details for the connection fees from Iberdrola.

Having never experienced this before and knowing that the developers men need power to finish the work in the house etc, is this correct , can he charge us for the connection ? Can they rent a house without electricity and expect the tenant to pay for the connection ?

Update. I checked today with the agent who had spoken to the developer and was told no it was correct and in clause 4 of the contract.
The says in Spanish......

sera de cuenta de la arrendataria los consumos que realice de los suministros con los que cuenta la vivienda, esto es, agua, gas y energia electrica, accordano las partes que los mismos sean contratados y pagados directamente por la arrendataria.......

With my poor Spanish I am not sure now ?...


Your help in answering this question would be appreciated.

10-15-2012, 11:56 AM
Hello Paul,

The supply connection is usually agreed between both parties; tenant and landlord. As the rented property is a new building and the owner has never lived there, it is not surprising the developer prefers to register the electricity supply contract in the tenantīs name. It is not an illegal practice, providing both parties are in agreement. As Clause 4 indicates, you agreed to pay directly the supply charges and therefore the developer is right in charging you for the electricity expenses and registering you as contract holder. You are being charged for the Electricity meter setup as this is agreed in the contract. However, if the contract indicates the tenancy wonīt have effect until the 1st November, the electricity charges until that date must be taken care by the developer, as they are using electricity for the last works on the dwelling.

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