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07-18-2012, 02:43 AM
Hi i got a question i renewed my Comuntario residency in Jan 12 and its my 2nd in april i received the no favorable and the cause was that the marriage certificate is not attested which was not apostiled so i did the Recurso and did it from the Copenhagen foreign office and as the marriage certificate comes traslated so i didnot did the traslation in spanish and no 1 did the translation of the back stamped as its a translated document and after 2 months again i have been decied by Denegado No faborablem now even the wrost case is my wife is with her parents as they are old and sick and i cant leave the country so what should i do , though i have again taken the new date for the renovation of Documents in malaga and some are advising me to go to Judge rapido as i have been removed from my work as the social security siad i have no permission to work please what should i do? and its really a big problem as i havent meet my inlaws and met my wife for over 2 months cabt take paro & cant work

07-23-2012, 04:29 PM
Dear Sir,

I am afraid that the best option for you seems to file a new application from the start instead of appealing that can take a year or even more. This time I recommend you to hire the services of an expert solicitor that can check your documentation and specially your marriage certificate to confirm it meets all the requirements to be filed in the application.

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