View Full Version : having residency larga duracion how much time i can live outside spain

04-13-2012, 12:30 AM
Hello Miss

This is writting to get some iformation please
I have Residecy larga duracion (validity 05 Years). My question is

1. How much time I can live outside spain
a) Regularly 01year, 02 year or 03 year, how much?
b) Partially live 06 month outside spain and come back, Then next year 06 month again come back
(In short every year I have to come back or can live regularly).
c) For Nationality how much time required to spend in spain.

2. If i change its status Larga duracion E.C., Then i shift in other european country I do work at there

a) when my residency expire after spending 05 year in other EUROPEAN country can I apply for nationality in spain?

Thanks & awaiting

04-17-2012, 09:02 AM
Good morning,

According to Article 166. Real Decreto 557/2011, 29 Abril. A Residencia De Larga Duración will be extinguished in the following cases:

1) Having obtained it in a fraudulent manner.
2) When an expulsion order has been dictated against the title holder.
3) When the title holder spends out of the EU 12 consecutive months
4) When you would have acquired the Residencia De Larga Duración - UE in another EU member state.

The Autorizacón de Residencia de Larga Duración UE will be extinguished after an absence of Spanish territory of 6 years.