View Full Version : In search of a spanish passport and happyness

02-15-2012, 06:06 PM
So this is a long complicated story but i will try to keep it to the point.

I met a girl 4 years ago that i feel in love with , however only the year before she was married to a spaniard here in the canary islands in order for her to become a spanish citizen. She married in april 2006 and has had her residencia and familia libre since then so she is no longer in any kinda of waiting period.

Our relationship because known to him a long time ago but due to RL complications and the threeway nature of the relationship as she has a daughter with him we have never managed to push forward in having her leave him to live with me WITH her daughter as she has not as yet applied for and recieved her spanish passport.

He has agreed that he will go along with her getting her passport so long as I have no contact what so ever with his daughter, someone I have come to love and cherrish in my life and in order to ensure she has complete independence through gaining the passport I have agreed in principal.

So here is the real question i guess.

If she starts the process as a married woman to a spanish national for 5 years and has already all the relivant paperwork how long should this process take and can he at any point once the process has started mess it up for her and pull it all apart?

I am willing to wait sometime longer in order for the three of us to be together, but not sure i could survive another 12-18months of not being able to see the little girl, she has been treated as if she were my own and its how i feel about her, he is only using her as a tool with which to destroy us and cause issue anyway he can.

Many thanks in advance for any comments or help that can be offered