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04-07-2009, 11:19 PM

We are living in a property in Tenerife and are upto date on our monthly payments.

The water is included in the rent we pay. Our water has been turned of for 1 day now and the letting agent say they cant do anything without the owner but he is on holiday in usa and they cant contact him. They said there is nothing they can do until they hear from him.

Where do we stand as have paid agent fees and need water to wash amongst other things.



Lawbird Lawyer
04-08-2009, 12:44 PM
Dear Madam,

It's your landlord you must query.

Even if you were not paying the let, the landlord cannot shut off the utilities as you can report him to the Spanish Police and he would be held responsible.

In your case, as you write you are up-to-date with your payments, then the problem must lay either with the Landlord (who maybe has stopped paying the utility company) or else the water company may be undertaking some repair work which has forced them to temporarily shut off the supply.

An estate agency cannot be held responsible for this madam. A letting agencie's role is not this. This is the responsibility of your Landlord to sort out. The agents, I'm sure, will do their best to help you out but cannot possibly be blamed for this!

Maybe you should query the development's caretaker if the supply is correct. I've seen it before, kids playing with the water metres and they accidentally shut the supply off. Everyone was blaming each other when in fact it was just some poor kid having fun.