View Full Version : Embargo on my property for non tax payment

11-03-2010, 12:58 PM
hello, I have a problem, my gestor made a major mistake on my tax return in 2006 and "forgot" to add a "compraventa" fee of 60.000euros, even though it was on the rent with option to buy contract. (this was for a property I sold back then, this sold a year later) Now hacienda say I have to pay this fee which is 18% off this amount. But I am liable to pay the fine which could be anything up to 150% of the tax bill!!!
This will all come to around 30.000euros.
Well, I just do not have the money. I live in the uk and am still trying to sell my property in spain. What do you recommend? If I can sell my house in spain and get the 30.000 from the sale, I can pay them then, but if I can't sell, and can't pay he said they will embargo my home.
So my question is, if they embargo my home, what will happen? I still owe a big mortgage on the home. Will I still owe money to the bank? Or will they just embargo it and take the house and I don't owe anything. I believe the value of the property is more than the mortgage I owe as I paid a big deposit on purchase. Please, please help! thankyou

02-19-2011, 06:08 PM