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04-06-2010, 08:25 PM
Dear all,

I was advised by a friend to post my question on this forum since you have been very helpful to my friend.

My question is concerning validation of my law diploma. I hold a bachelor degree (LLB) in dutch law and in the Netherlands in order to work as a lawyer we need a masters degree (LLM) with a so called "civil effect". However I do not hold this diploma. I would like to know if whether it is still possible for me to convert my LLB to a spanish diploma in order for me to practice law here, or that i have to pass an exam in order to do this, or that it is not possible at all and that I need a dutch LLM first.

Regards and thanks a lot in advance.

Lawbird Lawyer
04-07-2010, 10:41 AM
Dear Sir or Madam,

We do not really provide advice on homologating degrees or studying law in Spain. It's a subsection of our forum aimed at those wishing to immigrate to Spain and the related queries they may have.

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I suggest you contact Spain's Ministry of Education (http://www.educacion.es/educacion/sistema-educativo/convalidaciones.html)which are the ones who will be homologating your diploma.

Yours sincerely,