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  1. Spanish nationality of a child born in Spain to Indian parents
  2. Studying law in Spain
  3. Born in Spain , want to obtain nationality
  4. spanish citizenship
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  8. Spanish Citizenship
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  12. Pros and Cons to citizenship
  13. Some questions I've got about marriage and immigration to Spain
  14. Non-EU looking for advice
  15. Spanish citezinship
  16. I'm illegal here in spain, what do i do now to get my permiso de residencia
  17. child born in spain
  18. Residency for Chinese nationals
  19. imigration
  20. Traveling to Spain for residency without return ticket
  21. Dual Citizenship Spain/USA
  22. Singaporean wanting a citizenship in Spain
  23. spanish citizenship
  24. Puertorrican wanting Spanish citizenship
  25. Tarjeta de residencia through marriage: Are the documents from the Consulado enough?
  26. Reclaiming Spanish Citizenship...?
  27. Spanish Nationality for baby
  28. Spaniard Becoming US Citizen
  29. Moving to spain
  30. Obtaining Spanish Citizenship
  31. how can i study law master in spanish?
  32. provisional arrago
  33. Documents needed to show integration into the spanish society!
  34. Spanish citizenship for a Sephardic Jew
  35. homolgate your degree to spain
  36. amnesty
  37. whats the easiest way to get a residence permit in spain?
  38. Is it possible to get a Spanish residence permit through the purchase of a property?
  39. working permit to uk
  40. Spanish citizenship
  41. marrying a eu citizen
  42. Tarjeta de residencia
  43. getting spain residence by buying a house
  44. From Residence to Citizenship
  45. Immigration from Israel
  46. Moving to spain
  47. Can my daughter return to UK with her son
  48. Moving to Spain
  49. Must I pay for the bank to release my inheritance funds?
  50. The two-year residency crowd
  51. boyfriend and girlfriend registration
  52. Residency and work permit for spouse of EU citizen
  53. Simple Question: How to pay the fee before applying for tarjeta de residencia?
  54. nabeel shahab
  55. Property Purchase and Residency
  56. Tarjeta de Residencia VS Visa
  57. where to get married?
  58. Just got marriedn in Gibraltar, wife Portuguese, I U.S Citizen....
  59. Filipino Wanting Spanish Citizenship
  60. Born in Spain...signed away Spanish Citizenship...want it back
  61. US womanand my two US kids to marry Spanish boyfriend
  62. Claiming Spanish citizenship through abuelo
  63. lesbian couple, one EU one US
  64. spanish passport
  65. Convert title
  66. Historical memory law application
  67. Arraigo de Social
  68. Sapnish Citizenship / Long Term Visa
  69. Social benifits for a pregnent women
  70. Will I be allowed to enter Spain for Family reunification?
  71. Residance card renewal
  72. Non Lucrative Residence Permit
  73. arraigo
  74. Baby born in Spain
  75. work residency for student
  76. Spanish Citizenship
  77. Same-Sex Marriage ABROAD and its recognition in Spain
  78. Documents for getting marriage in Spain
  79. Applying for Spanish Citizenship and Working Internatioanlly
  80. I cant seen to access on my own profile
  81. Query about Spanish citizenship
  82. Permanent Residence
  83. Spanish Citizenship thru marriage but not staying in Spain
  84. Residence after marriage
  85. Non eu divorce to british nationa living in spain
  86. Spanish student visa
  87. want to know new way for leagall myself
  88. Best way to live in Spain legally?
  89. American-born of Cuban parents
  90. Arraigo
  91. Does "student permit and NIE number" means resident of Spain?
  92. Spanish tourist visa refused
  93. Can my friend marry in Spain being illegally here?
  94. Moving to Fuerteventura HELP Please
  95. Moving to spain
  96. law of Historical Memoria
  97. Residence Permit
  98. Spanish Citizenship for child born in Spain
  99. Getting married but not sure if I'm still legal
  100. As an illegal alien, can your office help me in processing my papers to get married?
  101. rights of immigrant mothers to have resident
  102. Russian Marriage Certificate with EU spouse for recedency!Help!
  103. US / Spanish dual citizenship question
  104. traveling
  105. Spanish Tourist Visa Refused
  106. My great-grandma was a Spanish
  107. Does a baby born in Spain from an illegal immigrant become a legal resident?
  108. Immigration control in Spain
  109. Non-lucrative Visa
  110. Visa Refusal
  111. Student with family
  112. How can a pregnant, illegal Moroccan migrant gain residency for herself and child?
  113. Citizenship of Child born in sevilla Spain
  114. Illegal in Spain - lived here now for 3 years - how to become legal?
  115. South african living in gibraltar
  116. citizen or not?
  117. Renewal of Tarjeta de Residencia (family type)
  118. Getting a Sapnish NIE been married overseas.
  119. renewal of family card(tarjeta communitaria)
  120. 180 days type d visa extension
  121. Change of name and renewal of resident permit
  122. Visa for an internship at Spanish company in Madrid
  123. About Spanish dependent visa
  124. Spanish Student VISA
  125. spanish visa refused what to do now
  126. Can I marry my German girlfriend being illegal in Spain?
  127. Spanish residency if working outside Spain (but in EU)
  128. Work Permit
  129. arraigo social vs arraigo laboral!?
  130. Possibilities for Illegal Alien
  131. Family residence card spain
  132. Visa
  133. Spanish Citizenship for South African
  134. How to Appeal Refused Spanish Tourist Visa
  135. Citizenship through the “Ley de la Memoria.”
  136. Obtaining NIE for non EU person
  137. Common law partner or marriage
  138. Reclaiming Spanish citizenship for American born in Spain
  139. can i get a residence card in spain thruogh marriage...even i'm illegal Alien?
  140. I will like to know what to do
  141. Can some one advise me
  142. Question About Asylum is Spain
  143. Spanish Citizenship for mother and daughter
  144. Living in spain 10 yrs, am i def a resident?
  145. Apply which one first? Empadronamiento or NIE's & Residencia.
  146. What exactly do I do?
  147. arraigo laboral
  148. Nacionalidad
  149. Spanish nationality
  150. can i get marry with a polish national girlfriend being illegal resident in spain?
  151. change arraigo law
  152. American citizen trying to get legal right to stay in Spain
  153. Change in Law .
  154. Marriage of inconvinience
  155. Renewal of residence card
  156. Tarjeta de Residencia CE
  157. Residence Permit through Common law partner
  158. Residence Permit
  159. Nationality
  160. UK Citizen wanting to move with partner
  161. what documents are needed to get empadronamiento?
  162. How to check status of divorce in spain
  163. Marriage in Spain or outside or Pareja de Hecho
  164. In search of a spanish passport and happyness
  165. US Citizen - Tarjeta de Residencia
  166. Changing Jobs from Contract to autonomo with Initial Temporary Resident
  167. having permanent comunatario residency can i work in whole europa
  168. Voice of jobless foreigners having permanent residence card of spain
  169. Married to a Spanish national outside Spain
  170. Adding my mother-in-law to my/my wife's Social Security
  171. Documents help for Spain Marriage
  172. After divorce which residency i will get?
  173. Spanish passport for american citizen
  174. Renewal of family card spain (Renewal case)
  175. Spanish Passport
  176. arraigo laboral
  177. Work permit for spouse
  178. Canadian citizen born in Brazil with maternal grandparents from Spain
  179. Spanish Passport (nationality)
  180. Tarjeta De Residencia (A very Confusing Situation)
  181. Information about contrac(oferta de tarbajo)
  182. Residence Card Renewal
  183. Residence Card UE
  184. Marriage In Spain. Help!
  186. Marriage Appoitment
  187. Difference between Residence Card UE and Residence card CE
  188. comfused
  189. having residency larga duracion how much time i can live outside spain
  190. resident permit
  191. Spaniah Nationalty Time Period
  192. Specific situation
  193. Spanish passport
  194. arraigo social
  195. US citizen Spanish Descent looking to apply for Spanish passport
  196. Larga Duracion RESIDENCE CARD
  197. Spanish passport through heritage?
  198. Permanent Residence Card
  199. New rules for residency in Spain
  200. Italy, portugal and spain nationality.
  201. Régimen comunitario and divorced
  202. Belegal.com
  203. Spanish Citizenship or Residance Permit for child born in Spain
  204. Effect on residency when not employed
  205. Change catagory of residence card
  206. information regarding visa
  207. ERASMUS Student
  208. Must I Give Up My US Citizenship to Be Spanish?
  209. CE Residence Card and Nationality
  210. Spanish born wanting dual citizenship
  211. Travel abroad
  212. Spanish Citizenship
  213. Filipino American Seeking Spanish Citizenship Thread
  214. Holiday visa for Spain.
  215. How long do I have to wait before I can bring my American GF to live with me?
  216. Spanish Nationality for my son
  217. Asylum Seeker; Generous People Help Me Out!
  218. Paro, larga duracion and citizenship
  219. non lucrative
  220. My Regimen Comunitario is about to expire and I'm living outside Spain
  221. problems for Renewal residency comunatario
  222. Moroccan/Sephardic Jews to return to Spain
  223. Types of dependent visa counting toward residency
  224. Need to change Residency comunatario to larga duracion EC?
  225. marriage
  226. acquiring citizenship
  227. Finger Letter and Residence Period Calculation
  228. Political Asylum, Overstay Or Small Business ?? Lawyers please answer =)
  229. having communitario permanenete residence can i work in whole europe
  230. visit visa for spain
  231. Resident card holder dependents of permanent resident in Spain?
  232. residence permit on family basis as registered couple(denied)
  233. 3rd Residcy rejected for renewal
  234. CONSULTA . Please Guide . Nacionalidad
  235. How easy to get non-lucrative visa if I deposit 100k in Spanish Bank?
  236. Non-Lucrative Residency Visa for retirement in Spain
  237. Spanish Citizenship with Puerto Rican Parents and Grandparents??
  238. Eu laws for nationality???????????????
  239. NIE residence card minum entry time
  240. Residency for Non EU national married to an EU national
  241. Spanish Student Visa from India
  242. Tourist Visa
  243. PLease Help me
  244. Restraining order Mess!!
  245. chinese wife
  246. Processing Time - Spanish by Descent
  247. Non-lucrative vs Self Employment Visa
  248. Permanent residency card question
  249. Spanish nationality after 2 years for a dual US/Latin American citizen?
  250. tourist visa application