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  1. Can the landlord force me out of the property?
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  22. Community facilities - Owners in debt - where does the tenant stand?
  23. If I want to rent my property in costa blanca what licence do I need?
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  25. Must I employ a keyholding company if I rent my property?
  26. What happens to tennant if property sold?
  27. contracts
  28. How long to eviction
  29. Landlady not fulfilling contract.
  30. Advice on a sublet and other help please
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  35. Owner of the Aprtment Will Take the Aval
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  38. Landlady keeping post.
  39. tax relief for renting in spain
  40. resident/non-resident tax implications
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  43. Giving Notice
  44. Squatter in my property
  45. Part of the ceiling fell on me! and the landlord will not return my deposit.
  46. no electric
  47. New and Urgent
  48. no heat
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  50. Subletting - problems with housemates
  51. Termination of short term contract
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  53. Landlord wont give back deposit.
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  55. dont give us deposit
  56. short term rental landlord emailed I am to be out tomorrow
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  59. 2 month notice by landlord, 5 months into a 11 month agreement
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  63. tenant gone but owes nearly 7000
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  68. commercial lease
  69. Squatter or tenant?
  70. Holding rent
  71. Early termination of 11 month tenancy agreement
  72. HELP Ex-Landlady Took whole deposit and asking more for "repairs"
  73. Renting with roommates
  74. getting non paying renters out
  75. End of Contract
  76. Tenant Eviction
  77. New Laws
  78. Agent not Paying
  79. Burst water pipe
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  81. Tenancy Agreement
  82. Electricity connection charge.
  83. Commercial Property Tenant
  84. Tenant No contract
  85. Sub Let
  86. non tax paying landlady is trying to get me to pay her invoices
  87. Do i need to go to court for unpaid invoices and if i do can i defend it myself?
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  94. voting
  95. Deposit Issue
  96. Last Months Rent / Deposit
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  98. rent to buy issues
  99. How to get rid of unwelcome "guest"
  100. Tenants and dogs
  101. No contract - Landlady probably wont give back deposit
  102. are neighbours in same block responsible (also)for their guests actions ?
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  104. General meeting/horizontal property act
  105. Eviction Order Process Gone Wrong
  106. Statute Of Limitations -Confused
  107. How To Find Out If Our Tenant Is Sub-Letting
  108. Shameful Tenant Tactics To Avoid Eviction
  109. Is it legal to put a clause in the contract that it ends automatically after 3 years?
  110. Can Leaseholder_A take Leaseholder_B to court so that B's tenants to be evicted ?