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  1. Must I remove my TV aerial?
  2. Recovery of unpaid Community Fees on Spanish property
  3. Community quota calculated incorrectly in our apartment in Spain
  4. Lift decommission
  5. Community debts
  6. Extortionate Community Fees
  7. Community charge accountability
  8. community dispute
  9. Is it legal to base the community fees on accounts from previous years?
  10. Properties alonside golf courses
  11. Right of way
  12. Advice on interpretation of statutes
  13. Terrace in Communidad
  14. What are the residential laws against loud music?
  15. The right to live in peace and safety
  16. Can we cut the supplies of neighbours who don't pay the community fees?
  17. neighbours first refusal rights to buy
  18. Non payment of Community fees
  19. Community Agm
  20. Non payment of Community Fee by developer
  21. Legal action on unpaid community fees
  22. A/C installation in 'garden' area.
  23. President's authority in community social events
  24. Harrasment by appartment president
  25. Proxy Votes at AGMs
  26. Contractors: Invoices and VAT Registration
  27. Employment of Control Guards (porteros)
  28. Emergency services - access to gated Communities
  29. Rough justice
  30. Community Hijacked
  31. Getting a Response from our Comunidad Administrator's Office
  32. Calling an EGM
  33. Spending community fee`s
  34. Legal procedure for recovering unpaid community fees
  35. Payments from a community's Reserve Fund
  36. Can an owner challenge a community rule?
  37. Trees overhanging boundary, can they be cut?
  38. Right to Light
  39. Water Ingress caused damage from neighbor above
  40. Incorrect Catastro
  41. Registry and Catastro different
  42. Community Rules
  43. Legal position
  44. is it legal to obtain electricity from neighbours in spain? Or for them to SELL it?
  45. Servidumbre
  46. Community Rules, help required.
  47. Help.. President and Admin refuse to communicate with each other - who can call AGM?
  48. Noisy construction site
  49. At loss with a situation in Mallorca
  50. Height of party wall fencing
  51. Use of grey water (stale household water) for non commercial use
  52. Noise from new bar in our community.
  53. Do I have the same rights
  54. my telephone cable
  55. When are unanimous decisions mandatory at an AGM ?
  56. Administator refuses to take action
  57. Problems with neighbours
  58. Who is responsible for the wall between my villa and the path to the community pool?
  59. Community Wi-Fi
  60. Spanish Law. Is crane oversailing trespass in Spain?
  61. Equivalent of an ombudsman for community administrators?
  62. community of owners
  63. Light Pollution!
  64. Boundary wall
  65. How to stop unauthorised/unlicensed extension of the semidetached house
  66. Shared terrace - or not?
  67. Neighbours have blocked off drain
  68. Neighbours Satellite Dish Overhanging My Terrace
  69. Air Condiioning
  70. Water Damage From Neighbours Property
  71. considering buying a rural property
  72. brick structure deteriorated, the proposed steel temporary props unaffordable
  73. New Conservatory next door