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  1. What to do if I cannot meet the mortgage repayments?
  2. Unable to keep up repayments
  3. Help Landlord in arreas.
  4. Euribor rate is dropping fast which translates into lower monthly mortgage repayments
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  13. what hapeens if I only pay the interest on my mortgage
  14. Tax on House sale
  15. Can a property with a Spanish Mortgage be transfered into a Limited Company?
  16. Property was bargained away and we are being chased for the shortfall. Please help!
  17. Handing keys back to bank?
  18. Will i lose my uk home
  19. Can we be chased by the bank after arranging a Dacion en Pago?
  20. Life insurance
  21. Handing over keys - Mortgage arrears
  22. Who signed for our mortgage?
  23. completion
  24. Handing the keys back when property is tenanted
  25. Getting the Interest floor lowered
  26. Can we hand back the keys to our property?
  27. Interest Situation
  28. The bank decided to put embargo on my salary. What Can I do?
  29. Spanish bank is claiming on my UK home which is for sale. Will this affect the sale?
  30. IS MY MORTGAGE LEGAL sign with no financial working income
  31. We are about to struggle with our mortgage and wondered what our options are
  32. If we fail to pay our stage payments, can a developer sue us in England?
  33. Embargos
  34. Handing back keys to bank
  35. Double whammy question on Repossessed Properties
  36. unpaid-morgage-due-to-unemployment
  37. I have just redeemed my RBS mortgage. Are the fees charged reasonable?
  38. I sent the property keys back to the bank, but they have refused them. What can I do?
  39. sold property
  40. Help needed with Solbank Swap Clause
  41. Will the bank remortgage my property
  42. Mortgage arrears - Bank wont help us
  43. Options if handing back keys not accepted?
  44. Less than 90 days behind with my mortgage payments. Options?
  45. Spanish Nightmare
  46. dacion de pago
  47. I can't make the court appearance for repossession, what are the consequences?
  48. I restarted paying them
  49. Behind with the mortgage
  50. I cant pay my Spanish mortgage !!
  51. Wish to transfer my share to my mum - but how?!
  52. Costs involved in extending mortgage by 10 years
  53. Private loan after death
  54. Changing my mortgage to interest-only or extending mortgage by an extra 10 years?
  55. Charge on land - Loan default
  56. Separated and not paying my half of the mortgage
  57. C an I lose my home
  58. he wants my name off deeds and has changed locks ?? can he do this ??
  59. Not paid the Mortgage for 3 Years, my keys might still let me in...!!??
  60. What are future assets?
  61. How to handle repossession? Desperate for advice.
  62. Handing keys back
  63. Missing joint property owner
  64. joint ownership
  65. What should I do with a small lump sum?
  66. New mortgages
  67. Reposession and Power of Attorney - Please Help!
  68. mbrown
  69. Bank has offered Dacien de Pago,but?
  70. Capital gains tax and Dacion en Pago
  71. Selling property as a distressed asset
  72. Buying n Spain
  73. House contents
  74. Advice on Spanish property
  75. spanish mortgage
  76. How do I transfer mortgage and title to my husband?
  77. Do you think the Bank would accept us handing back the keys to our Spanish apartment
  78. URGENT: house got sold by bank over small social security debt I was unaware of
  79. Who is responsible?
  80. Negative Equity
  81. Can we add our son to our mortgage which is in negative equity to save our property
  82. Mortgage help
  83. Mortgage responsibilidad question
  84. Dacion en Pago refused by bank. Bank has valued the property lower than sum owed
  85. Foreclosure victim or deadbeat?
  86. Can I just give the keys back to the bank or will they take my uk property from me
  87. bopmalaga.es/buscar.php lookup anyone help me?
  88. Mortgage "broker" wants 1% up front to confirm 100% Mortgage offer
  89. Best way to rid of Spain properties
  90. Mmrcm
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