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  1. Am I liable if I was sold a property without the seller's spouse consent?
  2. Who can buy property in Spain?
  3. Property cannot be sold due to a land registry mistake. What can be done?
  4. What is the best way of buying a property directly from a bank?
  5. How can I sell 1/3 of a property inheritance
  6. Transfering property ownership into a UK company
  7. Dissolving property holding company
  8. buying a bank repossesed property
  9. Louise
  10. Could a majority joint owner be forced to sell by a minorty owner?
  11. Can a relative sell you their property BMV?
  12. How does one know about a property going up for public auction?
  13. land query
  14. Developer refuses to provide us with a Seguro Decenal
  15. If my ex-spouse sells a house under his sole name do I need to sign & provide NIE num
  16. Best way to bring the money from the sale of a property back to England?
  17. townhall
  18. when is cancelation not a cancelation
  19. What remedies does a developer have to enforce completion
  20. Paying previous owner's community fees
  21. Selling in Spain
  22. Cedula
  23. Sale Completion Prior to Receiving NIE
  24. Money was debited from our account after purchasing our property. Is this correct?
  25. No escritura
  26. Spanish Bank Account opened from Venezuela
  27. Can I remove from the deeds a co-owner who has gone missing?
  28. Santa Anna Jumilla
  29. On selling our villa our agent is not passing on the true offer. Is this legal?
  30. Granting Power of Attorney
  31. Fiscal resident
  32. Do I have to return twice the deposit if I change my mind on the sale of my property?
  33. Do all newly built properties have to have a 10 year builders Guarantee?
  34. Can i sue the builder
  35. Do we need a NIE Number if we own a property through a company?
  36. Will we have to pay taxes when we complete on our property?
  37. Electricity in ilegal property
  38. Tax implications on a private equity release/house purchase in Valencia
  39. Don’t criticise the Junta’s actions, only the delay in implementing them.
  40. Contract
  41. Capital Gains question
  42. tax resident and capital gains tax
  43. Do I have to Pay Capital Gains Tax before the sale of a Property?
  44. selling without an agent or solicitor
  45. who pays IBI when selling?
  46. Help with Selling?
  47. property transfer tax percentage gone up?
  48. Commercial Licence
  49. Catastro plan and Escritura worng
  50. Most cost effective way to pass Spanish property to your Children
  51. Do I have a claim on our Spanish property if it's solely on my wife's name?
  52. calculation of costs to sell my house
  53. should I give an estate agent a copy of my deeds?
  54. CGT as recent non-resident
  55. sale contract
  56. Capital Gains Tax
  57. unpaid spanish CGT
  58. CGT again!!
  59. Can a sale of a jointly owned property be forced to recover the funds?
  60. What can I do if the agent is refusing to return my deposit?
  61. does Spanish Law override terms of a spanish contract?
  62. Returning to England
  63. Taxes and splitting proceeds
  64. Can I be held responsible
  65. Can I enforce the sale of the property co-owned by my husband and me?
  66. Non-payment of IBI and utilities
  67. What is a condominium extinguish?
  68. CGT non resident confused
  69. Complicated CGT calculation
  70. Thinking of buying and have questions!
  71. can he make me sell
  72. vacation home or permanent residence
  73. Error with Property Deeds...
  74. Divorce - can a property be put 'in trust'?
  75. Purchase of a property from an SL / through a corporate vehicle
  76. IBI & Basura
  77. Increase in "stamp duty" - please help
  78. Buying a home
  79. illegal homes in Spain.
  80. selling illegal homes in spain
  81. Information on property owner responsibilities
  82. Change of ownership between co-owners
  83. income tax pay date
  84. No Escritura for my legal House
  85. Spanish Property Non-Resident
  86. Illegal extension
  87. Property purchase via EU Ltd Co. subsidiary of BVI Ltd Co.
  88. Habitation Certificate
  89. Servidumbre
  90. Capital Gains Tax
  91. Non-Resident sold property and bought another using all the money.
  92. Selling my home - is the law for getting a discount using the 11.11% law still valid?
  93. acta de notoriedad complementaria de titulo publico
  94. Tax implications for co-ownership
  95. transfering name on spanish deeds
  96. No Escritura for my timeshare
  97. May I sell my MOROCCO apartament in SPAIN ??????????????
  98. Can the estate agent keep the deposit?
  99. Arras confirmatorias
  100. Can I live in a finca all year?
  101. Selling apartment and garaje separately?
  102. Embargo on Property
  103. Changing Title Deeds
  104. Dacion en pago: Am I being ripped off??
  105. If I buy a house is there any chance to get some residence premit in Spain?
  106. Spanish Capital Gains Tax for a property purchase in June 1986 / sold in March 2011
  107. Capital gains tax roll over/ uk?
  108. Capital gains due when selling a property puchased in feb 1994
  109. Communidad Fees when selling a flat.
  110. Selling a property purchased in 1998 what tax's to pay
  111. Can i bay a flat in Spainl ?
  112. selling an apartment on the coast in spain
  113. Another Capital Gains Tax query! Please help!
  114. Sold home dispute
  115. CGT
  116. Help, unregistered village house issue!
  117. who is responsible for a default mortgage when you split up with your partner
  118. Selling land
  119. paperwork NIE
  120. Getting a residency permit in Spain
  121. name mistake
  122. Proof of payment when signing for escritua
  123. Buy property in Spain
  124. CGT on Spanish Sales - Not Accepting Invoices
  125. Will I be liable for CGT on the sale of my Spanish apartment?
  126. Hello From Australia
  127. Energy Certificate....
  128. Capital Gains Tax Spain
  129. mrs sundramma gray
  130. joint property onwership
  131. Part house owner in the US
  132. selling at a loss
  133. Am I a legal 50% owner?
  134. Discovered property i am buying is illegal, Am I entitled to deposit back??
  135. buying a mooring for a boat .
  136. forcing a sale of the house
  137. Question on ownership
  138. Papers needed to sell a home in Spain
  139. Selling a property due to divorce and CGT
  140. Hello Everyone! from Calgary
  141. Home Buying Tips
  142. Title encumbered with a right of use.
  143. Taxes on sale of share in property in Tenerife
  144. Dissolution of joint ownership of property
  145. Ca I buy a shop, being illegal?
  146. La Complementaria Tax
  147. Abogado or asesor?
  148. Abandoned house
  149. renevation tax
  150. notary
  151. Help Advice in enforcing a dissolution of joint ownership of a property in Spain
  152. House in joint names, end of relationship
  153. land discrepancy catastral/land registry
  154. Ownership of property
  155. Spanish property sale
  156. Property Lawyer Check
  157. Buying property from a company owned house
  158. Paperwork required buying a rural property in Malaga region
  159. Is it possible to avoid paying the seller's penalty?
  160. plus valia
  161. Sale completion and coronavirus
  162. Del Prado & Partners Solicitors Nerja
  163. Advice about having a Power of Attorney as a UK citizen selling Spanish property