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  1. Can my husband will his half of the property to someone else other than me?
  2. Can our house be demolished if it has an Antiquity Certificate?
  3. Please advise what to do, we need to legalise our house!
  4. Dissolution of Joint Property Ownership in Spain
  5. Is the company Resale Strategy legitimate?
  6. Are company shareholders entitled to a property contributed by only one of them?
  7. Right to Claim: A Matter of Time
  8. legalise my home
  9. 10 Reasons Why Your Case Against a Spanish Developer May be Thrown Out of Court
  10. Home Repossessions in Spain: A Legal Perspective
  11. Drunk Driving Offence in Spain
  12. European Mediation
  13. Bank Guarantees: All That You Ever Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask
  14. belegal.com Forum Rules
  15. ACME LAWYERS (edited)
  16. Employment law question
  17. Find out how much the Taxman thinks your property is worth
  18. Ocean View Properties
  19. Yearly Taxes and Fees on Property Ownership
  20. Spanish Power of Attorney
  21. Petition Action
  22. aifos.....
  23. Perez, Gonzalez and Associates
  24. Nie Number
  25. Fortuna Estates, Fortuna Land, Oanna Group.
  26. Granting Power of Attorney from Spain
  27. Buying Property in Spain: An Overview
  28. Redundancy
  29. Stamp duty and witholding tax
  30. transfer of property ownership from company to individual
  31. prices paid for homes
  32. How to Evict a Tenant who is not Paying the Rent
  33. Spanish Will
  34. Am I entitled to half the proceeds of the house?
  35. Ways on How to Avoid Inheritance Tax on Spanish Property
  36. Martinez e Beneficio
  37. Taxes when Selling Spanish Property
  38. Police record
  39. Do I have a right?
  40. Statutory Rape
  41. ms wendy smart
  42. Swimming pools
  43. How do I recover a debt in Spain?
  44. Rights to a house
  45. What if escritura says "bienes separados"
  46. Loose your house so they can build a golf couse?
  47. price of property sold
  48. Purchasing a Property from a Developer
  49. How do Unpaid Bills and Taxes on a Property affect the New Owner
  50. FAO Spanish Lawyers
  51. Alberto Ganez Y Socio
  52. Unmarried fathers rights and obligations in Spain
  53. Emancipation legal age
  54. legal drinking age in spain
  55. Help with Legalization fees
  56. Builders supply
  57. mrs bernadette lawton
  58. Timeshare resellers: Be careful!
  59. How can I remove 4 embargoes from our property?
  60. AGM's
  61. Water supply
  62. The Licence of First Occupation Explained
  63. solicitors fees
  64. Community Fees
  65. Buying Property from a Private Seller
  66. Electricity
  67. court costs
  68. Reclaim
  69. How do you check if there are embargoes on a second hand car?
  70. Holiday let protection
  71. ownership of a property
  72. Cooling off period in Spain
  73. children
  74. Community Property
  75. divorce
  76. Public Warning.-Scammers passing themselves off as Spanish lawyers and law firms
  77. English divorce settlement
  78. GSM promotion / Barrister Richard Brooks
  79. Euroneth
  80. Where can I checkout Spanish Lawyer online?
  81. Data protection laws
  82. Acquittal in foreign court? - Quick yes/no response!
  83. The Dación en Pago Explained
  84. Filing for Individual Bankruptcy
  85. Weedkiller
  86. Competitions
  87. Landlord: Keys to Successful Rental Income
  88. Escatura
  89. Property problems
  90. Developers Forced to Compensate Marbella's Town Hall for Planning Irregularities
  91. Is Litigation Against Spanish Developers Worthwhile?
  92. Finiquito
  93. Public Title Deed for the New Building Declaration
  94. Timings
  95. Child Custody Law
  96. Driving licence
  97. Work Contract
  98. Tips on Choosing the Property
  99. Making an Offer and Issues Relating to Price
  100. pregnant fourteen year old in spain
  101. Can we use armbands in a residential pool in Ponta Prima Spain?
  102. Legal Advice Counsel
  103. Mobile Home Law
  104. Authencity of a Spanish Lawyer
  105. Transfer of property titles to other owners
  106. Domestic pets
  107. party pills
  108. civil harassment
  109. Legality of Wolfdogs in Spain
  110. 10 Common Abusive Clauses in Spanish Mortgage Loans
  111. Access to Services
  112. Licence of First Occuapation
  113. First Legal Services
  114. Arrested In Spain
  115. Comunidad de Propietarios: Avoid Problems with Your Neighbours in Spain
  116. Sorrel
  117. lawyers fees for dealing with inheritance issues
  118. Rules for letting in Andalucia
  119. Community Charges
  120. Duty of care.
  121. Is it legal to make fires at beach parties in Spain?
  122. Abogado Alberto Marquez Halcon
  123. Cannabis Law
  124. Spanish Law Firms
  125. Spanish employment notice
  126. Car Insurance for Russian driver
  127. Developer AIFOS Announces it has Gone Into Voluntary Receivership
  128. Evil Stepmother Living in Spain....
  129. My ex-flatmate won't give me back my things!!!
  130. Key Property Town Advisory
  131. Advice please
  132. Lilos in Private Spanish pools
  133. Insurance premium: is it true for Spanish banks?
  134. Internet correspondence
  135. Buildings Insurance
  136. Community Fees
  137. Street Lighting
  138. assault
  139. Nursery License
  140. What is the law regarding infants in cars?
  141. Can my solicitor increase his fees from the original quoted figure?
  142. George Laurent legal firm?
  143. Spanish Inheritance Tax: Advantages of Making a Will in Spain
  144. Separation issues.
  145. Extend stay in Spain
  146. visiting spain
  147. Barking Dogs
  148. Differing advice regarding CGT on inter EU gift
  149. British Bankruptcy/Spanish Repossession
  150. Arrested with fake euros at Ibiza airport???
  151. Pizarro and Associados
  152. habitation licence on agriculture land
  153. Tusnami and Scrolla Safe Keeping Scam
  154. Aldea Asesores Administration (Aldea Advisors)
  155. Marques Carrillo & Assoc
  156. Is Windram Miller from Fernando Advocaten and Abogados a registered lawyer in Spain?
  157. Molina valero
  158. NIE with power of attorney
  159. Mahilak Y Socio
  160. Are Spanish glazing laws the same as English?
  161. Finding an abogado oficio
  162. Community Statutes
  163. Ramirez and Ramirez
  164. Marques Crusedar & Co
  165. photo radar speeding notice
  166. Is Timeshare Legal a legitimate law firm?
  167. La Reserva de Marbella
  168. Joint Ownership
  169. missing presumed dead
  170. criminal law
  171. Arthur Reyes Abogado y Socio SCAM
  172. Administration ( CON)
  173. Developer after Agent
  174. Can a company guarantee the obligations of another company in Spanish law?
  175. Paternity test question
  176. Lawyer to sell property
  177. sick pay
  178. Lease-To-Own Purchase Or How To Profit From Spain's Market Downturn
  179. Has anyone heard of Lewis Pintol Abogados?
  180. Is Mr Mankin Victor esq a Spanish registered lawyer?
  181. Practising Law in Spain
  182. Is Viajeria y Turismo a ligitimate timeshare resale company?
  183. Das Duetsche Autohaus in Estepona
  184. Odyssey Consultants
  185. Separation of joint assets
  186. Have received a phone call from Rodriguez Fernando y Sharpierez. Are they legal?
  187. Lawyers of Spain
  188. Legal Advice Counsel & First Legal Services appointed lawyers
  189. Company Law Direct: Another bogus law firm?
  190. Information on Sam Abogados
  191. DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad)
  192. Spanish Inheritance Tax: How much is it?
  193. community insurance info
  194. Employment
  195. Legalmax Associados & Solicitors, Can you tell me if this company really exist?
  196. Repsol Petroleum Company
  197. Scam after scam
  198. Santos Alberto Rodrigues of Dominguis Abogados & Solicitors
  199. American looking to study law in Spain
  200. Hiasa Technico S.A. - Is it a real company?
  201. Data protection act
  202. Real Estate Agencies: A Legal Perspective
  203. Law 35/1995 of 11 December 1995 on aid and assistance
  204. Can the Estate agent keep my deposit if we don't move into the house?
  205. Oal Partners
  206. Static caravan/Mobile home
  207. Barrister Geraldo Flind ESQ
  208. Is Marcelo Belgrano Ledesma a registered lawyer in Spain?
  209. Fraser and Ward Lawyers
  210. Buying Property In Spain Part I. Buying Resale: Avoiding the Pitfalls
  211. Injured 3rd Party in Road Traffic Accident
  212. car sale fraud, info wanted on jurado procedure
  213. Spencer Maris
  214. cannabis
  215. Unmarried Mother
  216. Gonzalvez Garcia Abogados
  217. Property Deeds
  218. Where are all the repossessed properties
  219. Squatters - Ocupar or Okupar
  220. Certificate of Expediente ?
  221. Litimed
  222. Buying Property In Spain Tips Part II. Off-Plan Property
  223. water supply disconnected
  224. Bar Lease
  225. Is there a limit on how much cash a person can take to England?
  226. Copied NIE number
  227. Andalucian Dream Homes/ Dream Home Interiors
  228. Mrs.Doris Bergmann MiViaje S.A
  229. Public internet insult
  230. SELINA & Asociados/Associates and CLIMAX UNIVERSAL TRADE
  231. Applicable Inheritance Law to Estate Located in Spain
  232. Spainish Medical Law
  233. Proposed Legislation
  234. Leaving home
  235. I am an English solicitor and would like to work in Spain. What do I need to do?
  236. Carl Luis y Socio
  237. Is a paper I signed for our Tecnico for a licence legally binding?
  238. separation with extreme circumstances
  239. Is your Attorney selling you short?
  240. I would like to loan my partner some money. What is the best way to secure it?
  241. My partner is divorcing me. Can I take the kids with me back to Norway?
  242. can civil actions freeze your assets?
  243. Non cooperative President
  244. Can wooden houses be built anywhere?
  245. Fernando & Associados from Valencia
  246. Abogado Servicios JurÃ*dicos SL
  247. Puerto Advocados
  248. Anyone heard of Barrister Juan Miguel Torres?
  249. Temple Martins Abogados
  250. Changing community administrators