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Thread: Ocean View Properties

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    There is also a Group with Costa Luz solicitors
    There are developments happening with some cases although not at the Estepona Beach & Country Club development that I know of

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sami J View Post
    I invested with OVP in 2006. Estepona Beach. Since 2009 I have tried in vain to get help. I have had my case with FOS for 2 years but they appear to be stalling making a decision about the incorrect financial advise I was given at the time by an IFA.
    I would love to know if anyone has infact had any success or any test cases have been set as a precedent for us to move forward.
    I agree with the above poster that we all should attempt to join forces again and put pressure on anyone who can provide answers, especially as to why Directors still appear to live the high life at our expense and hardship.
    I don't understand how they are still living in luxury in yoxall and ct is still getting away with it

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    Yes it's ridiculous, I'm hoping they will be held to account soon for their criminal activities. It's by no means over yet, they may think it is but they are very wrong.

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    I hear that Antonio Flores has made some very good progress with the legal case. Well done to the team involved.
    That clock is finally ticking for the fraudsters involved with this scam!

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