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Thread: Legal in spain for 2 years, how can i get the working permit

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    Default Legal in spain for 2 years, how can i get the working permit

    Hello, I have been living in spain for 2 years (Barcelona), this is my third year, in 10 month i'll be here for 3 years. The first two years was legall i was studying aviation (Pilot) and this third year i stop and I didn't want to renew my nie. I got a lot of job offers from companies, all the job offers are permanent contract with salary 3000-3500 Euros a month since i have computer engineering degree with programming degree and Police Investigator degree as well, however i couldn't get the working permit, some lawyers told me that you need to be in spain for 3 years, i didn't know what to do, do i need to really wait for three years? and does the fact that i have been in spain for 2 years legally affect this? what could you advice me? i have also sanitas health card for 2 years, and empadramiento and 4 bank accounts.

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    Hi, I would like to ask and to know regarding my papers in Spain. I am immigrant but 5 years ago my employer apply me for a work in Estepona last 2014 but unfortunately they went back to belgium so i left with nothing. But i have same papers here from Ayuntamiento de Estepona, ministerio de trabajo y asuntos sociales, Ministerio de Empleo Y Seguridad social, and Misterio del interior Dirección General de la Policía Cuerpo nacional de policia. I still have these papers. I’d like to ask if there’s any chance you can help me to get legalised and get a residence permit? I hope to hear from you soon, feel free to contact or call me and i hope that you will help me with these and i am willing to cooperate. Thank you!

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    Hello Bruno,

    I understand your inquiry is related to a residency by settlement application. If you can prove continued stay in Spain during the last 3 years and have a new work contract drafted, you can certainly restart the application.

    We will contact you by email.

    Patricia Martin
    Legal Assistant at Lawbird
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