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Thread: Legal Advice needed

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    Default Legal Advice needed

    Help needed .In 2016 I was arrested in the city of Leon because of a friends fraudlent or altered cheque I took to the bank to cash to help him out as he had no bank accoubt . When I was put in front of the judge in the morning I explained what had occurred and that the friend had paid me 750 euros to cash the cheque.I was released with out charge but told to keep in touch with the lawyer involved in the case informed of my whereabouts inside and outside Spain as a case of fraud would be investigated. I now l live in Greece. I kept in touch with the lawyer but he never replied .A few weeks ago I found out from my brother that the Police had been looking for me at an old address in England .I tried to contact the UK police but they knew nothing or would not say why.How can I find out if I have a European arrest warrant out for me? Any one recommend a lawyer?
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