My inquiry is regarding Spanish non-lucrative residence permit which I applied for and received. I would like to know the following:

1- What are my income tax obligations as a non-lucrative resident in Spain. Is there an income tax and how much is it?

3- Are there any other taxes I should know about?

2- If paying the taxes is unavoidable, can I know what the tax percentage is yearly or monthly as a non-lucrative resident? and how much I need to declare my income is in order to pay the minimum? (keeping in mind that the requirement for getting the visa was to declare that I have an income of 26,000 Euros a year)
4- Are there any benefits which I will be getting by paying these taxes? (Such as social security or pensions)

5- Is there a deduction of my expenses in Spain like lodging, hotels, bills or other expenses from the tax amount to be paid?

Looking forward to your reply.

Thanks in advance