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Thread: Spanish Residencia Larga Duracion

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    Default Spanish Residencia Larga Duracion

    Hi i have got spanish residence LARGA DURACION and have extended twice . I am not working and only come to spain to renew my residency and now i want to travel to ireland to live and work what is the process and do i need a visa to visit Ireland from spain and how can i change my residence here from spanish to irsh any help would be much appreciated will look forward to your reply as i habe heard alot good things about your support for others !!


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    Hello Uzi

    I understand you need to check the Immigration rules in Ireland to learn about the way forward to apply for a residence permit there, being a long term resident in another EU country ( please note the Directive on the status of non-EU nationals who are long-term residents does not apply in the UK, Ireland and Denmark ) .

    You can click here to check the procedure to apply for a work and residence permit in Ireland.

    Regarding your Spanish residence card, it will be cancelled after 12 consecutive months out of Spain.

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