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Thread: Regimen Comunitario outside Spain

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    Default Regimen Comunitario outside Spain

    I got Regimen Comunitario tarjeta by marriage. But I don't live or work in Spain or any EU country.

    1. What is the maximum duration that i can stay outside Spain without losing my Regimen Comunitario residency?

    2. And what if i exceeded that duration?

    3. What if i exit from another schengen country so that the spanish airport will not check my passport/tarjeta and will not update the exit date in the spanish authority system?


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    Hello Islam,

    If you are out from Spain for more than 12 consecutive months, your residence status will be cancelled. You would have to file a new application and start the whole process again. Regarding the last question,the Spanish authorities can find out you were out of Spain if they wish.

    Patricia Martin
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