Good day to you all,
My question comes to this forum from an unusual situation, My father died 22 years ago without making a will (foolish), his property here ended up in the hands of his former partner having her name on the mortgage but having left him already prior to his death (grrr). Ok that's history, he also owned a Spanish apartment which, thanks to Spanish law, remains partially owned (50%) by myself and my brother.
Neither of us has ever visited the property and I am struggling to remember where it is situated in Spain. I have now had a message from my fathers former partner stating that the property is rarely used and that it would be prudent to sell it. The proposal is that the costs and the value should be shared, which is agreeable. The message states that the partner has spoken to a solicitor who can handle the sale but needs my power of attorney to do so, not wishing to get conned or ripped off I would like to ask if this is the usual protocol for sale of property in Spanish law?
No meetings or agreements, verbal or otherwise have been entered into as of yet and I would like to enter these with some knowledge from people of experience.
Any advice is gratefully received even if its just go and pay for it with ..............Solicitor A or solicitor B

Thanks in advance