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Thread: NIE Prloobagtion Archivado, what to do next?

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    Default NIE Prolongation Archivado, what to do next?

    My NIE was expired by the end of March 2017, and I did apply for the prolongation in March.

    I prolong my NIE for another year to study in another uni. However due to the system change in my uni, I did not get the diploma in hand by the time I prolong it, thus my status is tramete recuerdo.

    By June I finally got everything I needed, and resubmitted the documents.

    Now I check on the website it says Archivado.

    I submitted the new documents on 15-06 and the fecha de resolucion was 16-06-2017, however the strange part is, it says fecha de entrada 28-03-2017 (the original time I submitted the prolongacion).

    My questions are:
    Should I worry about that?
    Where can I ask for more information (in English if possible), because no one seems to speak English in the office of Carrer Bergara Barcelona.

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