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Thread: Marriage to a Britain National

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    Default Marriage to a Britain National

    I am irregular in Spain for 3 years I have tried the arraigo social process but its been difficult to secure a contract. Now I Intend to marry my British girlfriend here In Spain to regularize my situation. I was confused about how the Brexit will affect this and also if its possible to get my residence and be here with here legally.

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    The Brexit particular impact on the status of those British citizens residing in Spain has not been determined yet, and therefore the same regulations as the last few years still apply for those Non Eu spouses of UK citizens living in Spain. Once married, you will certainly be able to apply for the residence card of the relative of an EU citizen. You can read about the exact procedure´s requirements here.

    Please feel free to contact us of you need particular assistance.

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    Please let me know how you get on..
    Im in a similar situation, I`m british my partner is irregular he`s been here nearly 3 years. I`m also trying to find a way to move forward.

    Best of luck!

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