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Thread: Filipino national with a Spaniard grand father

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    Default Filipino national with a Spaniard grand father


    I am a Filipino national, currently in the Philippines with both parents are Filipinos.

    My Father's birth certificate is stating he's father is Mr. ABC, a Spanish national.

    My grandfather moved here in the Philippines around 1940 - 1950 up to today, he stays here in the Philippines. He has an expired Spanish passport and he is now old and we don't know the reason why they left Spain in the first place (we don't know if its because of the civil war or Franciso Franco).

    I want to acquire a Spanish citizenship. Is it possible? What are the documents and process needed?

    And if for the reason of "Ley de Memoria Histórica" with provision of temporary change to Spanish nationality law, granting the right of return and de origen citizenship to those who left Spain under Franco for political or economic reasons, and their descendants.

    What will be the documents needed? Do I still need to stay in Spain for an amount of year/s? And what is the meaning of temporary change to Spanish nationality? Why not permanent and how to be permanent?

    Many thanks.
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    Hello Camille

    You need to contact the Spanish embassy and ask them to give you the list of documents for your father to start a Spanish Nationality recovery application via their Civil Registry section. Once your father has the Spanish Nationality, you can apply by Option as Spanish by origins.

    You can read about the particular procedure by clicking here:

    The option to apply based on the LEY DE MEMORIA HISTORICA is no longer valid, as there was a limited period of time to apply that ended in December 2011.

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