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Thread: UK Citizen living in Spain, Turkish fiance and daughter want to come and live with me

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    Default UK Citizen living in Spain, Turkish fiance and daughter want to come and live with me

    Hi there

    I am a UK passport holder and have been living and working in spain for 8 years. I am Autonimo and have my own English language school in Cadiz.
    I met a wonderful Turkish girl last year and we plan to get married. She is currently living in Turkey with her 25 year old daughter. They both plan to
    move to spain and live with me. My Fiance has a job offer and her daugher is looking for work.

    Can you advise on the situation regarding visas, residentia, NIE requirements ? Do they need to apply for a visa in Turkey or here in Spain?

    Many thanks in advance, I am sure i will have more questions!


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    Helolo MickyMack

    I already sent you an email regarding your questions.

    Your partner will be able to apply for the residence card as the relative of an EU citizen as soon as she is married and in Spain.

    As her daughter is over 18, she is not eligible unless she is financially dependent on you based on illness or in the event she was a student in Spain and you take responsibility for her expenses.

    You can marry in Spain while she is on a short stay visa, but bear in mind that the Civil Registry will request a set of documents she must have prepared in her home country, and also allow a couple of months to get the judge´s authorization to marry and the marriage date.

    Please feel free to email us in case you need further assistance.

    Patricia Martin
    Legal Assistant at Lawbird
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